The Maze

I wandered through an endless maze, chasing silver and gold moon beams and as they fell, knocked me over   I wrapped my legs around the moment then the fragments morphed and departed… Continue reading


The white crackling crunched under her boots and as she walked, the mist from her breath took form as ghostly shapes, messages, hidden symbols which she decoded in the dark recesses of her… Continue reading

The Serpent’s Eyes

Hildegard House had lain dark and barren ever since I disappeared on that misty November morning, or so I imagined.   I now know the endless cycle he had conjured, orchestrated from his dark… Continue reading

The Diary of Lisbeth Withering 1890

 I was four years old when I realised what my true nature was.  To me , that way of life was  everything –  my whole family existed in that sphere.  It wasn’t a… Continue reading


Beth was drawn to water and quite certain that she had once been a sea maiden; a selkie with glistening silver fins.  They were far from the sea yet for a time she… Continue reading

The Legend of Creeping Ivy

A long time ago in the land of Terbaqua there existed a powerful King by the name of Shanikwa.  King Shanikwa lived in a large golden palace on the top of a grassy… Continue reading

‘The Singling’ published on Every Day Fiction

My flash horror story ‘The Singling’ has been featured on Every Day Fiction (March 3rd). This was inspired by my fascination for conjoined twins, cults, and the idea that our perception of ‘the… Continue reading

‘Haus of Dolls’ to be published in Graveyard Girls Anthology

Excited to hear that my story ‘The Haus of Dolls’ is to be published in the upcoming anthology Graveyard Girls, a collection of horror tales written by women!   This is via Hellbound Publishing,… Continue reading

Horror at Hallows Cross Published in Ink Stains Anthology

My story ‘Horror at Hallows Cross’ is now available in print and kindle via Amazon. *When two traveller women move into an abandoned church with a dark history, it soon becomes clear that… Continue reading

The Vanishing Moon

  Out of the shallow earth you emerged wrapped in warm leather, black waves of sorrow grasping and clinging as you resurrected   Beneath hollow chasms I waited starving, stalking a sphere of… Continue reading