Read ‘The Ballad of Willow Black’ in The Lorelei Signal

You can now read in full my story ‘The Ballad of Willow Black’ in the current issue of The Lorelei Signal. This will be published in the print magazine ‘Mystic Signals’ next month.… Continue reading

The Infinite Dimensional Circus

Beyond the edge where your eyes glow neon You can travel to a hidden place And as the world keeps turning you can stop all of the stars, And hold them to your… Continue reading

Ode to the Moon

I appear in the dark but radiate light, what am I? I am the wakefulness of the spirit when truth descends I am a memory of the past and a glimpse to the… Continue reading

‘The Ballad of Willow Black’ to be Published

My short story ‘The Ballad of Willow Black’ will be published in free fantasy e-zine The Lorelei Signal in April 2015. The magazine has been running for several years and focuses on publishing… Continue reading

A Thousand Light Years from Home

I asked my soul where home was and it replied, Orion. Orion is home. I am shape shifter, chameleon, creature of flight, stardust, fire, ocean of light. Both man and woman, bird of… Continue reading

In Fire We Walk

In fire we walk tied, gagged – bastard spawn In fire we talk torn, bloody – warrior of dawn In fire we howl cold, moon – sorrow’s light In fire we sink worn,… Continue reading

Eye of Cat

Eye of cat encompassing worlds a sphere of life silently glowing, omnipotent Eye of cat as spirit of tree, buried in dark earth glowing in depths Eye of cat swirling in lagoons steadfastly,… Continue reading

Moving, Exploring & Map Making

I’ve not updated in a while mostly because i’ve just moved house – from Dundee to the south side of Glasgow. The move was long overdue for us and we’re really happy here… Continue reading

Fading into Purple

Fuzztop streets blurred with lights racing through enchanted doorways we stole our moments we reached the sky and touched the colours we only seen each other a rainbow jigsaw floated into sight then… Continue reading

Vivien (excerpt)

As she made her way out through the docks she gazed in awe at the electrifying city which spanned out around her. A mass of bodies rushed about streets which seemed to stretch… Continue reading