The Wolf

you waited by the river for me I was never late the wind was silent in its screams it knew our secret the sky was black but for the eye of the moon… Continue reading

‘The Duchess of Mount Zirra’ to be Published!

I’m over the moon to announce that my  flash fiction story ‘The Duchess of Mount Zirra’  I submitted to Firbolg publishing for inclusion in ‘The Rogues Gallery Anthology’ has been accepted! It also… Continue reading

New Stories

Well I’ve completed two short stories and one flash fiction story in the past week.  Feeling inspired and continuing to push the wheels of creativity.  Ive submitted to three publications so far and… Continue reading

the Fall of the House of Usher

I read this Edgar Allan Poe story a few days ago and its been festering in my mind (in a good way). Feeling inspired…