Mirror Mirror

When people talk of doppelgängers, few experience the true terror behind the phenomenon, where certain entities can manifest from places other than our own.  From the hidden realms behind our reality comes the personal account… Continue reading

The Moon and the Sea

We have been bound, intricately intertwined, since the great conjuring began. From the very first glimmer of light and flutter of wave, a great stirring formed within me, an inexplicable connection of purpose… Continue reading

My Favourite Children’s Novels

I think the reason I love to write children’s stories is partly because of the sheer wonder I felt discovering books as a child.  Opening a book cover seemed to be opening a… Continue reading

‘Lucid Dreams’ in Penny Zine

I’m delighted that my flash fiction piece ‘Lucid Dreams’ is published in this weeks Penny magazine.  This is a Florida based illustrated weekly lit zine –  sign up here to read/  subscribe! In… Continue reading

The Curse of Bortegrim Published Today!

My dark fairy tale ‘The Curse of Bortegrim’ which was inspired by the Krampus fable is published today on Horror Addicts.Net! Read it for free here!  

Somewhere, In Time

Somewhere, in time You were me and I was you A single sculpture, made from limbs entwined We danced over the sun, the moon, the world   Somewhere, in time We created mountains… Continue reading

Winter Magic

The sky is freezing, preparing for the ice queen’s reign In which our flying friends trumpet in the new season With snow bells and bluebells and crystal ice cones Dancing to a melody… Continue reading

‘Ellora’s Work’ Published in summer issue of Hello Horror!

My flash fiction story ‘Ellora’s Work’ is published in the summer issue of Hello Horror and can be read here! The story was inspired by my interest in strange taxidermy and of course my… Continue reading

My Story in Mystic Signals Magazine

The Ballad of Willow Black is published in the new Mystic Signals fantasy magazine and its my first short story in print!  Mystic Signals combines the April 2015 issue of The Lorelei Signal… Continue reading

The True Squawk of the Crow

Only in darkness can we hear the true squawk of the crow Piercing light from a lost island, glittering with resonance Upon a trailing velvet cloak. Its only when we open hearts, raw… Continue reading