First quarter of the Year and Three Quarters in

In January I posted an entry that I had begun to write a novel.   The story which I intended to write was an historical fiction tale based in 1920s New York, however, a… Continue reading

Ramona (Mender of Hearts)

My name is Ramona.  Since the beginning, my kind have existed deep inside the oak tree which stands in the countryside of Southern England.  If you have ever entered this particular fairy land… Continue reading

The Edge of Eternity

I go to the same underground joint once, twice a week. Three or four if things are going rough upstairs. We drink gin rickeys all night or until the moon disappears behind the… Continue reading

‘The Twins of Withering Moor’ published today on Gothic City Press

My Flash fiction story ‘The Twins of Withering Moor’ has been published and featured under ‘The Gas Lamp’ on Gothic City Press website. You can read it here!

My Story in ‘The Rogues Gallery’ – Out Now!

I’m delighted to announce my short story ‘The Duchess of Mount Zirra’ is now available to buy in The Rogues Gallery anthology via Firbolg Publishing. The book is a compilation of gothic fiction… Continue reading

Stitches on Acid

It was summer when we were shot out of a cannon. Your eyes were nuggets of gold in the backseat.  I held a strawberry cigarette. Smoke covered our bodies like a blanket as… Continue reading

Ready, Set, Novel: Swinging into 2014

I awoke on the first day of this year with the desire to write a novel.  After deciding last year that I wanted to step it up a gear and after subsequently penning… Continue reading

My Top 5 Influencial Books set in Mansions/Castles

Ever since I was a little girl i’ve been fascinated by old mansions and castles.  Living in Scotland i’m lucky to have been (and still am) spoilt for rich cultural and historical offerings. … Continue reading

The Wolf

you waited by the river for me I was never late the wind was silent in its screams it knew our secret the sky was black but for the eye of the moon… Continue reading

‘The Duchess of Mount Zirra’ to be Published!

I’m over the moon to announce that my  flash fiction story ‘The Duchess of Mount Zirra’  I submitted to Firbolg publishing for inclusion in ‘The Rogues Gallery Anthology’ has been accepted! It also… Continue reading