The Moon and the Sea

catrin welz stein

We have been bound, intricately intertwined, since the great conjuring began.

From the very first glimmer of light and flutter of wave, a great stirring formed within me, an inexplicable connection of purpose I know not how to express in waves.

At first dusk you sang to me, a song of union, as I weaved my light upon your glistening pulses.

Together we danced, toyed, and caressed the shores of twilight with everlasting promises. It was the beginning and as with all beginnings, we frothed with intoxication, our endless nights illuminated by stars of silver and gold.

At the witching hour when they slept, we cast spells together, weaved our yearnings into jangling blankets of eternity, which we placed inside the deepest of lagoons.

We knew not of sorrow or loneliness.  Your kisses were sweet and my shadows endless.

We spoke in certainties, I waxing and you ebbing, rejoicing in each hidden treasure we unearthed.

But with each certainty there comes a deeper uncertainty.

While you slept, my heart broke with each sinking ship.

As I waned, fraying with the ropes of time, I wept unto you, tears of salt kisses.

You embraced my sorrow, consumed it as your own and wore it as your flesh, forevermore.

And as the dense darkness befell and you moved farther away, I reached for you still.

But even when all the tides and orbits ceased, forget you I did not.

When the shores turned to desert and my flesh to cinders, the fire glowed as bright as the flaming eyes of the sun, illuminous like the beginning.

Then as each breath, breeze and whisper ceased for eternity, I felt not grief yet beat in time with you still.

And as I write this with tears, of which are sunken in every crevice and curve, know that I will rejoice for such an existence.

For we are but one and I wear you and your lullaby around me, as it plays forever inside a lost shell.


Image by Catrin Welz-Stein