Somewhere, In Time


Somewhere, in time

You were me and I was you

A single sculpture, made from limbs entwined

We danced over the sun, the moon, the world


Somewhere, in time

We created mountains together

Every breath I took was shaped of you

Our heat melted frozen oceans, glaciers, lagoons


Somewhere, in time

We created the fragments of clouds

Slumbered on them with heavy hearts

Every caress, lick, swallow, ravished with joy


Somewhere, in time

I know not when

Our souls were woven

By thread stronger than fishing lines


Somewhere, in time

Everything disappeared

Creating in us strangers

Passing over paths we once danced


Somewhere, in time

You and I

Searched eternity for invisible threads

To mend our yearning


Somewhere, in time

We are still lost, broken

under the stars

Forever dreaming the same dream


image by: unknown