Winter Magic

The sky is freezing, preparing for the ice queen’s reign
In which our flying friends trumpet in the new season
With snow bells and bluebells and crystal ice cones

Dancing to a melody of fresh wonder
the stars bow and wink and travel to a new place
In which miracles appear in every corner

We can all hear the swish and tinkle of the fair lady’s velvet cloak
Shuffling over clouds, weaving sweet snow charms
with her embraces of the sacred sculptures of time

Tinkle, tinkle sweet crisp air,
as white fur and silver moon take flight
drop by drop, reflected in the oceans mirror

The elphins and the dagons, the chirpies and the swarries,
Leap and swirl in celebration
As all eyes glisten into diamonds and then fall in glittering patterns

To a sky unfolding and unfolding, we take our last autumn breath
until finally revealed is the sweet winters promise
of a magical new dawn.


image by Nika Goltz