A Thousand Light Years from Home


I asked my soul where home was and it replied,

Orion. Orion is home.

I am shape shifter, chameleon, creature of flight, stardust, fire, ocean of light.

Both man and woman, bird of prey, fighter, defender, I lean every which way.

I can feel and can see, I am dark earth and tree.

I can break and can bleed, I can cry, yearn and need.

We’ve come a long way together- my soul and I. Sometimes when he talks to me I remember things. I remember our journey to Earth.

Never-ending galaxies, through floating maze of time, raining silver fragments, falling from divine.

When I got here I forgot about home. They forced me to forget.

Stone tied, silicon thoughts, weak surrender, toxic pots.

Chemical air and electric sheep, poison dreams with blood they creep

But home – it calls to me, summons pieces and parts, fragmented spirits, torn jigsaw hearts

When the shackles weaken I will fly beyond, to glide on golden thread to crystal skies

When the heavens open and seek I will transform mountains, become their peaks.

I will shatter illusion, pulverise the cage, squeeze from the droplets all energy made

A thousand light years away they say, another sphere, no means, no way

Yet I will sore with broken wand, kill time with sleight of hand, shape the ocean into stairs, carve ice to reach the lairs

So unbound, unravel, untangle and die

I’m coming home.


My soul and I

(image by Pilar Zeta)