Moving, Exploring & Map Making

I’ve not updated in a while mostly because i’ve just moved house – from Dundee to the south side of Glasgow. The move was long overdue for us and we’re really happy here so far. I’d lived on the east coast since primary school so its all really new and its great fun enjoying exploring this amazing city. Being quite far south of Glasgow it has quite a countryside vibe to it and I was over the moon to realise there’s a lovely wilderness behind our garden and ten or so horses living nearby, which I can actually see from my balcony! (I adore horses) The kids are loving the open spaces and adventures we’ve been having looking around the multiple parks and hidden nature trails.


(Outside my back door )


(new friends)


( my little wilderness)

I really couldn’t have asked for more in terms of location as it feels like the best of both worlds with the city centre 15 minutes away. The weather since we’ve moved has been uncharacteristically (for scotland) stunning and so i’ve been taking full advantage of it, being outdoors a lot.

The flat inside is also coming together and feeling like home.




And my bookshelf was the first thing I unpacked (priorities!)


(my gems)

So now i’m feeling more settled in, i’ve been back at my novel manuscript. I’m proud to report that i’m almost there, although not quite. There’s obviously a lot of work ahead in the edits and revisions and i’ll be hoping to have a polished first draft within the next few months. Although I won’t be illustrating for the book, it feels natural for me to do some visual work so ive been creating some maps of the land and also drawing the characters, some of which were done before I even started writing.

Here’s one of the basic maps I’ve drawn for The Land of Two Moons.



So that’s a bit of what i’ve been up to lately.

And, I may hopefully have some news of a short story or two coming soon. Hope everyone who reads this is having a great summer.