First quarter of the Year and Three Quarters in


In January I posted an entry that I had begun to write a novel.   The story which I intended to write was an historical fiction tale based in 1920s New York, however, a few pages in, I got distracted by strange voices in my head.   Well not quite voices but shortly after I had started to write the story, I had a sudden idea for another story, a fantasy which seemed to draw me in and consume my thoughts.  The new story, a surreal children’s adventure based in a fictitious world, came so vividly in idea and imagery to me, that I started to draw a map of the land and write notes on the characters I had already begun to imagine.  After I realised that I had become passionate about these initial outlines and that the story was something I felt compelled to tell,  it seemed natural for me to to put all of my focus into this story, and so I began to write.

We’re now a quarter the way through this year and looking back at my goals as the new year began , I’m really happy with my progress this far.  My novel is now almost three quarters of the way completed and considering I’ve only previously completed short stories, I’m really proud of myself for keeping a disciplined writing schedule.

Another achievement I’d like to mention is that I am now a non smoker!  I decided to give up on January 1st and have not gone back on this since.  The cravings do get easier and these days, I’d much rather have a bar of chocolate anyway.

I also have a few more short stories which I hope to share with you soon but mostly I will be consumed with the novel – finalising the draft and editing.  I’m hoping to make as much progress over the second quarter of the year as in the first.

So, basically my novel has taken a complete change of direction but I believe strongly in taking notice of those strange voices and ideas which suddenly knock at your door and take you to undiscovered places…

Also, the sun has now arrived in this part of the planet so I’m a happy bunny.

Spotted Today: bright blue sky in Scotland

Here’s to a fruitful and fun spring.